1+1 Ep 242 Youri speaks to Travis Ross on Canadian imperialism in Haiti & his article on the RNDDH

By Youri Smouter, 1+1 Podcast, March 10, 2024

On this edition of 1+1 we welcome back Travis Ross of the Canada-Haiti Information project on ongoing Canadian, US, French, and Pan-European imperialism and their partners in the Americas and Africa to try to do another UN peacekeeping but really war machine on the island. According to Travis what is happening in Haiti is a civil war between the Haitian oligarchs using armed gangs to assert who is the dominant player, the Western lobbying of the US, Canada, France and its allies to intervene is to make sure their puppet Ariel Henry remains in power and while they vanquish his political rivals its also to suppress the grossly underreported popular protests against his illegitimate rule since the murder of Moise.

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His two part article with a third part coming up is about this group the RNDDH which was a Canadian semi-NGO one of many that was involved in the propaganda campaign to oust popularly social democratic democratically elected government of Aristide back in 2004, and their latest activities in Haiti. We also discuss the need to mobilize the Haiti-Anti-imperialist movement who must fight not only corporate media and Canadian semi-NGOS and other Western semi-NGOS, but even have to go up against leftist and left leaning Latin American and other heads of states from the Caribbeans in not being a partner in crime to Western led imperialism/bullying in Haiti.

Travis talks about the many difficulties ahead and divisions within the Haiti solidarity/anti-imperialist movement, and what needs to be done to advance this just cause. all of this and tons more on this episode of 1+1, with Travis Ross of the Canada-Haiti information project, his series for the Canada Files on what is currently happening and what's going on in Haiti. for more on the topics explored, please visit the following links. and please share widely, like, leave comments, even critical ones will be responded to so long as one is polite, and enjoy this latest edition of 1+1. 1. Part three will be coming out soon and I'll post it here when it does for the moment here is parts one and two https://www.thecanadafiles.com/articl... & https://www.thecanadafiles.com/articl... 2. Travis's past 3 part article on Canada's reactionary role in Haitian affairs https://www.thecanadafiles.com/articl... and https://www.thecanadafiles.com/articl... & https://www.thecanadafiles.com/articl... 3. all of Travis's past work - https://www.thecanadafiles.com/articl... and the website he co-edits the

Canada-Haiti Information Project - https://canada-haiti.ca/ and check out the links to documentaries they suggest, some you can watch for free but others if you have the money do buy the dvds or watch them online by payment if you can https://canada-haiti.ca/content/docum... the one documentary closely related the most to what we’ve been discussing on the complicity of other regional actors in Latin America and the wider region is “We Must kill the Bandits””on the UN Mission in Haiti that followed the 2004 coup in Haiti and overturning of Democracy and brutal political suppression/politicide of Aristide supporters of which Brazil was a partner in crime to under Lula and later Dilma. https://haitiinformationproject.blogs... and check out “Haiti Betrayed” by Elaine Briere.


Posted March 30, 2024