Barbaric attack against Haiti Liberté!

By Berthony DuPont, Haiti Liberté, Nov. 2, 2022

Groups of right-wing extremists wearing the mask of the left to create confusion, a fake left, are calling for a demonstration against the newspaper Haïti Liberté on Friday, November 18, 2022.

It's been a long time since these obscurantists began a campaign of destabilization, harassment and intimidation against us. It is not by chance that these threats come at this crucial time, when the danger of a military occupation under the direction of the American and Canadian imperialists, is reinforced every day against the Haitian people.

These pseudo-activists who are, objectively, at the service of the imperialist powers, are organizing to protest against the newspaper Haiti Liberté. They are headed by a certain Dahoud André of the Komokoda organization. Their project has received the support of other organizations whose names we are refraining from mentioning for the moment. They did not have the courage to sign this disastrous appeal, showing their true face of collaboration with imperialism.

This is not the first time that these provocateurs have called for our dissolution, but it is the first time that they have launched a public action. Undoubtedly, they received the green light from their bosses, and the moment chosen is by no means innocent, it is on the occasion of the anniversary of the revolutionary battle of the Haitian people in Vertières. Isn't that a way of further sullying this historical date?


Like the United States and its foreign ministries - the United Nations and the Organization of American States (OAS) used the pretext of "gangs" (not the actual criminal gangs). Preferring to accuse those who openly mobilize the masses of the ghettos to become aware of their social conditions and calls for a social revolution to get them out of this straitjacket created by the imperialist powers of which the United States is the leader. This false left only propagates the same ideal as the dark imperialist forces.

Note that this organization, Komokoda, made its name by fighting Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election against Donald Trump. Our position at the time was: no difference between Trump and Clinton. They are two heads of the same imperial monster. Komokoda, however, had categorically supported Donald Trump and campaigned for him; then we denounced them as opportunists and genuine agents of US imperialism.

This virulent attack against Haiti Liberté is significant. It stems from an overall policy on the part of the imperialist powers to break the resistance and the unity that was made through the progressive anti-imperialist media denouncing the American intervention. Reactionaries of all kinds can never bear that there can be a free public opinion, a fortiori, one that does not agree with the decisions of the ruling class subservient to the capitalist system.

Have we returned to the time of the Duvalierist dictatorship condemning the free communication of thoughts and opinions, even beyond the borders of Haiti? Freedom of the press is the fruit of a long fight against tyranny and arbitrariness. This freedom was dearly acquired by the relentless struggle of the Haitian people for a better tomorrow. The occupation of MINUSTAH which lasted 13 years could not remove it; that which is planned to unleash another war against the Haitian people to destroy their rights and their democratic achievements will not pass.

Workers, Haitian peasants, the time has come to lead us all as masters and to organize ourselves according to our own means to fight the mercenaries. The slaves of capitalism represented by Komokoda and its allies.

We of Haiti Liberté, we continue our revolutionary struggle effectively on the ground of the class struggle against these political bandits drawn up by imperialism who want to silence the organized voice of the anti-imperialist struggle of the workers for a social revolution.

We will always stand side by side with the Haitian working masses against the reactionaries of the right and the left.  We assume our editorial position committed to the service of workers' and peasants' struggles against the exploitation and war of the imperialist powers.


There is no greater attack on freedom of the press and on all freedoms than to attack a newspaper which is simply wrong to fully exercise its freedom of expression " underlined Christophe Deloire , Secretary General of RSF (Reporters Without Borders).


The position of Haïti Liberté will not change one iota. As Lenin demonstrated so well in the text “Left-Wing Communism: An Infantile Disease", the ultra “left” has always had a single reason for being: that of attacking the real left instead of the right or the class enemy of the people. The ultra-right for its part can unleash itself, mobilize all its energies, do everything in its capacity to support the imperialist powers, with barbaric attacks against Haïti Liberté , we will never be shaken in our task of contribute to putting an end to the tragedy that the country is experiencing and to accompany the Haitian popular masses in their struggles for fundamental change.

The newspaper Haïti Liberté will live! As Hugo Chavez said, " Let the dogs of the empire bark, it's their job. " Ours is to fight to achieve the true liberation of our people ”.


Translated by CHIP editors


Posted Nov. 5, 2022