Chrystia Freeland: Canada’s fascist queen

Canadian Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, posed with a Banderite Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) flag in February 2022. Image credit: Sputnik News/Wyatt Reed

By Marthad Shingiro Umucyaba, The Canada Files, Sept. 29, 2023

After measuring the level of support for Ukrainian Nazis in Canada by applauding a 14th Waffen SS war veteran, the Canadian Parliament was forced to apologise for that unacceptable act after drawing nationwide and international condemnation. Anthony Rota, former Speaker of Canada’s Parliament, willingly fell on his sword and took the blame for what happened.

Rota sought to take attention away from one Deputy Prime Minister who smiled with glee when Hunka was announced as a war veteran who fought the ‘Russians’ (USSR) during WWII: Canadian MP Chrystia Freeland, a descendent of a Ukrainian war criminal herself, who has both a grandfather and a great uncle with infamous ties to the Nazis.

Some may wonder how Hunka, along with many other war criminals of this variety, were allowed to roam free like this in Canada in the first place. Freeland’s family lineage is a helpful place to start.


Chrystia Freeland’s fascist lineage

Chrystia Freeland’s grandfather, Michael Chomiak, was a propagandist for the Nazi occupation in Ukraine during World War Two. He wrote for Krakiv’ski visti, an anti-semitic pro-occupation newspaper. She’s publicly tried to deny Michael Chomiak’s legacy many times (calling it ‘Russian propaganda’), and even edited Krakiv’ski visti apologia for the newspaper to redeem her grandfather (Krakiv’ski visti and the Jews), but it’s come to naught.

Photos have resurfaced of Michael Chomiak accompanying Nazis in the highest levels of government during the occupation of Soviet Ukraine, leaving no remaining doubt that Michael Chomiak was in fact a Nazi.

Freeland’s great uncle, Borys Shkandrij, served in the Ukrainian Galicia Division (14th Waffen SS division) after July 1944. He was captured and sent to a prisoner of war camp, after being defeated in Italy, up until 1949.

Chomiak and Yaroslav Hunka made it to Canada, because successive governments (starting in 1947), sought to import European Nazis including 2000 Ukrainian 14th Waffen SS division members.

The present-day Canadian government, in which Freeland serves as Deputy Prime Minister, continues to issue public apologia for the Galicia Division, which to this day has to justify the harbouring of these war criminals and the erection of fascist-honouring monuments throughout the country. Freeland is good friends with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, which has been caught honouring Hunka as early as 2007. Freeland was clearly nervous when a journalist asked if Canada “should reopen an investigation into the Nazi war criminals living in the country.” It’s easy to understand her nervousness, but there should be no pity had for her stress.


Chrystia Freeland’s fascist statements and Militant anti-communist activism

Chrystia Freeland, like every other fascist, is a rabid anti-communist. This manifests in her militant drive to destroy socialist states. The most glaring example is her interventionist call to Juan Guaido, supporting his coup attempt on the Venezuelan government, after the Socialist Party of Venezuela legitimately won the 2019 elections.

Freeland has also spread Nazi fomented anti-communist myths through the Canadian school system, such as the myth of a USSR-led genocide of Ukrainians called the ‘Holodomor’. Freeland joined hands with individuals such as corrupt arsonist Stephan Kubiv (through a Canadian government funded program focused on ‘Holodomor education’), in working to indoctrinate youth throughout Canada.

Freeland has also articulated her fascist and anti-communist outlook in statements to other liberal politicians. According to Freeland, stated by Michael Ignatieff in his memoirs, you can only be a ‘real’ Ukrainian if you were forced to flee Ukraine after fighting on the side of the Nazis and escaping justice from the Soviet Union and allied forces. It’s even more unacceptable for you to support the Soviet Union after the World War. So according to Freeland, at least half of the Ukrainians in the country over the age of 60 are not real Ukrainians.           

“It is common, [Freeland] says, for Canadian Ukrainians to think of themselves as the true Ukrainians, the ones who kept the faith while among the actual Ukrainians the compulsion and fatalism of the Communist system was working its way into their bones. The Canadian Ukrainians return ‘home’ expecting a fervently nationalist and religious people, and instead find phlegmatic, ironic, sober, and fatalistic Soviet souls. Independence requires a new human type, but, she says, with an equal measure of affection and irritation, it will be a long time coming.”

-        Michael Ignatieff, 1995. Blood and Belonging, Noonday: New York, p. 109.


Chrystia Freeland’s Racism and Eugenics Elitism slips out in Public

Freeland let slip her ‘Western’ (white) supremacist outlook when congratulating interim Conservative Party Leader Candice Bergen in February 2022, during the Truckers Protest in Ottawa. She congratulated Bergen and showed enthusiasm for being another ‘strong western woman’ (1:17-1:30) leading the bench.

Chrystia Freeland has been caught holding up a pro-Nazi Ukrainian scarf in public, with the reactionary pro-Nazi Ukrainian Nationalist slogan of ‘Slava Ukraini’ and the colours of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (Ukrayins'ka Povstans'ka Armiia, or UPA). UPA was a militant division of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) responsible for atrocities against Jews and Poles in World War Two.

Meanwhile, Freeland sought to blackmail and threaten the African continent into sanctioning and/or denouncing Russia. Freeland told Africans that starving to death, as opposed to trade relations with Russia, was acceptable to her. It demonstrated the ‘willingness to die for democracy’, while the west squandered and continues to squander resources that could be sent to Africa in the name of supporting Nazi Ukraine.

Freeland receives an annual salary of $400 000+ from Canadian taxpayers as compensation for quietly spreading Nazi ideology throughout Canada. She told the Canadian public suffering from inflation caused by the sanctions on Russia that if they simply cut back on Disney+ memberships like she did (6:08-6:28), everyone would be able to pull through and feed their families.

Unsurprisingly, Chrystia Freeland has uttered white supremacist statements and even Russophobic statements in her support for arming Ukraine. As if to pretend that there were no wars on Arabs or Black people throughout the 1990s and 2010s, and as if to pretend there wasn’t a civil war launched by the Nazi Ukrainian government against the Russian speaking population in Eastern Ukraine from 2014-2022, Chrystia Freeland stated last November:

            “The invasion of Ukraine ends a 33-year period of peace and general prosperity.”

-        Chrystia Freeland, Ukrainian Canadian Congress, November 12, 2022 (2:17-2:29)


Canada’s Fascist Queen and Canada’s Politics

Chrystia Freeland is a born and bred Nazi. She is an outright Nazi, and by extension, a fascist. She was raised as such and has lived her life with these reactionary values. Freeland can barely even hold in her fascist outlook in public, and often fails to hold in her racism or eugenicist outlook on many occasions. She spreads Nazi ideology throughout Canada through her support for Nazi monuments and uses her position to spread this toxic ideology throughout the world, through her grip on Canada’s foreign policy.

Extremely indecisive analysis on fascist figures in Canadian politics, including Chrystia Freeland, along with 75-plus years of almost entirely unopposed importation of anti-communists into Canada, culminated in the celebration of a Nazi veteran in Canada’s House of Commons. Now the rest of the world finally realizes that Canada is harbouring these war criminals and honouring them with monuments throughout the country.

Freeland’s Nazi grandfather Chomiak would be truly proud of her carrying on the family legacy and taking it further than he ever could.

Note: TCF recommends giving Richard Sanders’ “The Chomiak-Freeland Connection” a read, to learn more about Chomiak, and Freeland’s past.


Marthad Shingiro Umucyaba (formerly referred to as Christian Shingiro) is a Rwandan-born naturalized Canadian expat. He is known for his participation in Communist/anti-imperialist national and international politics and is the radio show host of The Socially Radical Guitarist.

He is also a freelance web developer in Hong Kong, China, striving to provide “Socially Radical Web Design at a socially reasonable price”.


Posted Oct. 9, 2023