The Dominican Republic extends its list of sanctioned Haitians

By Jean Daniel Sénat, Le Nouvelliste, April 17, 2023

Thirty-nine Haitians are banned from entering the Dominican Republic. Dominican President Luis Abinader decree was announced April 14, 2023. These sanctions are aimed at "foreigners who have a criminal record or who, in the opinion of the authorities, constitute a threat to national security and the interests of the Dominican Republic”.

On the list are gang leaders, former parliamentarians, businessmen, former ministers, a current minister and a human rights defender. This is the second list published by the Dominican authorities after that of September 2022. That listed 52 Haitians are prohibited from traveling to neighboring land.

“You are informed that, pursuant to article 15 of the general law on migration, no. 285-04, and its implementing regulation no. 631-11, the ban on entry into the territory applies to the following people: Youri Latortue; Grace Delva; Liszt Quitel; Rodolphe Jaar; Bredy Charlot; Kesner Normil; Evans Paul; Assad Volcy; Jean Tholbert Alexis; Victor Prophane; Laurent Salvador Lamothe; Richard Lenine Herve Fourcand; Rony Celestin; Gary Bodeau; Hope Stone; Charles Kiko Saint-Remy; Sherif Abdullah; Arnel Belizaire; Salim Succar; Reynold Deeb; Nenel Cassy; Berto Dorce; Antonio Cheramy, known as Don Kato; Steve Khawly; Frantz Cole; Jean Mardoché Vil; Fritz Desire; Dieune Day; Romel Bell; Wakin Stone; Jhonson André aka Izo; Manuel Saloman, known as Manno; Joselito Little Man; Carlo Petit-Homme, known as Ti Makak; Elan Luckson; Jermaine Stephenson, aka Gaspiyay; Albert Stevenson, called Djouma; Julmé Ernst, known as Ti Greg; Woodley Ethéart, known as Sonson La Familia,” the document reads.

Some of the people mentioned have also been sanctioned by Canada and the United States.

This is the second list of personalities banned from staying in the Dominican Republic by President Abinader. In September 2022, the Dominican head of state took a similar decision against former Prime Minister Claude Joseph, Jimmy Chérizier, alias “Barbecue”; Innocent Vitel’Homme, alias “Vitelom”; Destina Renel, alias “Ti Lapli”; Wilson Joseph aka “Lanmo San Jou”; Claudy Celestin aka “Chen Mechan”; Alexander Ezekiel, alias “Ze”; Kempes Sanon; Chéry Christ-Roi, alias “Chris-La”; Felix Monel, alias “Mikano”; Jean Pierre Gabriel alias “Ti Gabriel”; Alexis Serge Renel, alias “Ti Junior” and Orlichen, Emile alias “Pe Lebren”.


Translated by CHIP editors


Posted May 26, 2023