Donate to the SOIL project and support agricultural and reforestation efforts in Haiti

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Spring 2014 challenge: 

SOIL (Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelyhoods) has been working to plant the seeds of change in Haiti. As testament to the positive impact of our work, those seeds are growing faster than we ever imagined! Every day, more families add their names to the waiting list to join SOIL’s toilet and waste collection service. Every day, farmers and organizations stop in to buy SOIL’s compost for their agricultural and reforestation efforts. Every day, we field requests from activists and entrepreneurs around the world asking us to help them replicate SOIL’s work in their own communities. 

The challenge 

To help SOIL grow along with this demand, our friends at 11th Hour Project have pledged to match all donations to SOIL dollar for dollar between April 10th – May 10th, up to our goal of $75,000. 


Reaching our goal will enable SOIL to achieve the following big impacts over the next six months: 

-Add 3,000 people to SOIL’s sanitation service in order to reach over 11,000 people with dignified sanitation. 
-Double the amount of waste we’re safely transforming into compost at SOIL’s waste treatment sits from 20,000 gallons per month to 40,000 gallons per month. 
-Research the effect of SOIL’s compost on at least 4 local crop varieties to help farmers grow healthy food for their families and increase their incomes. 
-Train over 500 people in the principles of ecological sanitation in order to promote the expansion of SOIL’s successful sanitation solutions in communities across Haiti.

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All donations will be matched by the 11th Hour Project