Former PHTK regime officials and allies form new alliance named United Front

By Amitié FM, Oct. 25, 2023

Yet another political alliance officially entered the Haitian political arena on Wednesday October 25, 2023, named Front Uni pour une Sortie de crise efficace et durable (United Front). United Front is made up of former officials and allies of the PHTK regime which many accuse of being the main architect of the socio-political and security crisis the country has been facing for over two years.

United Front claims its primary objective is to facilitate a Haitian resolution to the crisis. They assume that Haiti's current Prime Minister Dr. Ariel Henry has failed.  

Claude Joseph, strategic president of the Engagés pour le Développement party (EDE), is a member of the executive committee of this new political alliance. He is a former Prime Minister and ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs. He comes from the second version of the Tèt kale regime, which has federated the gangs that have been wreaking havoc in the country in recent times. The president who chose him was assassinated while he was still Prime Minister. Recall that Claude Joseph has never appeared at the investigating office to answer questions from the Haitian judiciary regarding this case.  

Liné Baltazar is also a member of the Front Uni executive committee. He is the president of the PHTK party. He is one of the masterminds behind the regime that has done so much harm to the nation. From Michel Martelly to Jovenel Moïse.  

Former senator Rodolphe Joazile is also a member of the executive. He was Minister of Defense under President Michel Joseph Martelly.  He sits alongside the former minister is Me Canova Jean-Baptiste of the Parti National Démocratique Progressite d'Haïti.  

Organisation du Peuple en Lutte (OPL) party members who held positions under the PHTK regime include Andris Riché, who was Grand Advisor at the Palais National, Eunide Innocent, Minister for Women's Affairs, Hervé Santilus, Secretary of State for Literacy, and Eloun Doréus, Minister Counselor at the Haitian Embassy in Washington.

Himler Rébu of GREH, the former Minister of Youth, Sports and Civic Action under the Martelly administration and Dr Harrison Ernest, former Director General of RTNH under President Martelly, are members of the United Front.

These politicians are known to be loyal allies of the PHTK regime.


Translated and edited for clarity by CHIP editors


Posted Oct. 28, 2023