Haiti-Crisis: The BSA Says NO To Foreign Military Intervention In Haiti & Advocates The Constitution Of A Consensual Power Without Ariel Henry

By Radio PBS, Oct. 13, 2022


The Montana Accord Monitoring Office (French acronym BSA) opposes any form of foreign military and police intervention in Haiti and calls for the resignation of the de facto government led by Dr. Ariel Henry, in statement presented to Brian A. Nichols and the other members of the American delegation October 12, 2022

The statement by the BSA continued: "This opposition is supported by all the signatories of the of August 30, 2021 Agreement [known as the Montana Accord]. Haiti has endured multiple foreign interventions by the American government and the United-Nations." These interventions have had serious and profound on Haitian society and the Haitian State. "The effects if these interventions are counter-productive and incur enormous costs."

Placing Haiti under international trusteeship has always had harmful consequences. The current chaotic situation in the country is evidence of this. Characterized by the collapse of the State, the dismantling of Haitian society, and the proliferation of armed gangs in the country. Montana Accord Monitoring Office denounced the Haitian authorities, international leaders, and lobbyists who are complicit in maintaining a state of misery in the nation through the establishment of a neoliberal economic system based on corruption, and the indiscriminate violence of armed criminal organizations.

In addition, the BSA favors strengthening national security institutions as essential for addressing insecurity in Haiti. The use of undemocratic repressive force is far from a solution to concerns about armed gang violence. Such a strategy risks leading to genocide in working-class neighborhoods. Without uniforms or identification, bandits generally easily assimilated into the civilian population

Thus, the BSA advocates the depoliticization of the national police as well as providing technical and logistical assistance to strengthen it. In addition to strengthening national security institutions, the Montana Accord Monitoring Office believes it is imperative to think of a political solution that aims for a radical break between political powers, the mafia economic sector and armed gangs.

The BSA denounces the stubbornness of the international community, particularly the United States of America, in wanting to impose on Haiti an executive which in no way corresponds to the constitution and the laws of the Republic.

The Montana Accord group, led in particular by Magali Comeau Dénis and Jacques Ted Saint-Dic, is in favor of the formation of a consensual transitional power as soon as possible. They demand the unconditional resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry, deemed illegitimate and unpopular. Since his installation as Prime Minister, Henry has contributed to the worsening of the country's political and security crisis.


Posted Nov. 17, 2022