Letter from Brian Concannon, returning Executive Director of the IJDH

By Brian Concannon, Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti, Dec. 20, 2021


Dear Friend,

I returned to IJDH last month after a two-year break because I could not pass up a generational opportunity to help the Haitian people get their democracy back on track. I am writing today to ask you to join me in seizing this opportunity by providing the financial support that the Institute for Justice & Democracy (IJDH) and our Haitian partner, the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI), need to play our critical roles in supporting Haiti’s democracy movement. Seize this opportunity to support democracy in Haiti and give now.

We all know Haitians are suffering. But they are also fighting, fighting hard to reclaim their democracy. They are protesting by the tens of thousands, building a broad-based civil society initiative to end the political crisis and speaking out in Haiti and the US, at press conferences, to the media and on Capitol Hill. They are joined by more allies in the US every day, in Congress and among solidarity groups. Many of these allies have been fighting racism in the US, and now realize the connections between racism at home and our racist treatment of Haiti.

The BAI is the legal backbone of Haiti’s justice and democracy movement, getting dissidents out of jail and back to organizing; providing grassroots groups a safe space to meet and address the press; providing legal and strategic advice; and unflinchingly denouncing government repression.

IJDH is leading efforts to stop US support for Haiti’s repressive government, by engaging with Congress, writing, engaging with journalists and playing a leading role in solidarity collaborations.

Together, BAI and IJDH are documenting the repression through human rights updates and reports to the UN and OAS human rights systems.

We need your help to keep playing these critical roles. Give today.

Haitians will eventually win this fight, because they won’t give up, as Napoleon and many others have learned. But they will win faster, and suffer less, if their allies can provide more support. Please join me, and do your part as an ally, by giving BAI and IJDH the financial support we need to play our vital role in reclaiming Haiti’s democracy.



Brian Concannon 

Executive Director, IJDH


Posted Dec. 20, 2021