MINUSTAH By The Numbers

This three-page document was published on the website of CEPR, Dec 8, 2011. It is an informative and imaginative description of the the United Nations Peacekeeping operation in Haiti, known by its acronmym as MINUSTAH. The operation has been the target of recent popular protests and a source of controversy because of its role in re-introducing cholera to Haiti, the sexual assault of a young Haitian man and other past abuses. On November 3, 2011 the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti and Bureau des Avocats Internationaux filed a legal complaint on behalf of over 5,000 cholera victims seeking damages from the United Nations. The UN has so far not responded or given a timetable for a response. The document is also posted to the news archive of the CHIP website, where you will also access its full links.