Moïse Jean Charles discusses "his talks with President Vladimir Putin" and his international cooperation efforts for Haiti

By Gérard Maxineau, Le Nouveliste, Oct. 12, 2023

At a press conference held at Cap-Haïtien international airport on Wednesday, October 11, 2023 Pitit Desalin political party leader Moïse Jean Charles shared a detailed account of his travels through several countries, including Russia. The former parliamentarian highlighted "his discussions with President Vladimir Putin", during this visit.

According to Moïse Jean Charles, the Russian president made significant commitments to Haiti, offering to provide support in key areas such as national security, local production and the training of a professional army if the country so requests. Moïse Jean Charles quoted Vladimir Putin as saying, "If Haiti needs national production, security, a professional army, just write to me."

The Pitit Desalin leader emphasized Russia's "readiness to help Haiti in various sectors", including infrastructure, the exploitation of natural resources, and more.

Moïse Jean-Charles expressed his belief that Haiti should consider integration within BRICS, highlighting the importance of South-South cooperation without neglecting other partners. He shared the efforts he has undertaken, dialoguing with several countries such as China, Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico, seeking opportunities that could help lift Haiti out of its precarious situation, while preserving friendly relations with the Unted-States government.

The Pitit Desalin leader revealed sustained steps to alleviate the misery of the Haitian people, establishing constructive partnerships while taking care not to disrupt relations with neighboring countries. He also announced his intention to release a video illustrating his visit to the Kremlin, sharing the highlights of his meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Translated by CHIP editors


Posted Oct. 21, 2023