A New Political Alliance named "United Front" is announced in Haiti, includes over a dozen political parties

By Jean Junior Celestin, Le Nouvelliste, Oct. 25, 2023

A new political alliance called "Front Uni pour une sortie de crise efficace et durable" (United Front) was officially announced on Wednesday October 25, 2023 at the Montana Hotel in Port-au-Prince. This alliance brings together the political parties EDE, GREH, Konsyans Patriyotik, LAPEH, MOPOD, MRN, OPL, PHTK, PLH/MOPOD, PNDPH, the non-aligned signatories of December 21 and UNIR. They want to set up a transitional executive in line with the spirit of the current Constitution.

Front Uni stated that their main objectives are to "immediately initiate discussions with representative political, economic and social forces to set up a transitional executive in line with the spirit of the current Constitution; provide the population and international partners with sufficient guarantees on the appropriate and consensual mechanisms to fill the vacancy at the head of the executive power, following the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry".

Mr. Canova Jean Baptiste of PNDPH, a member of the United Front's executive committee, explained that their new alliance is open to parties and organizations that "recommend measures to alleviate the suffering of the population, help the victims of crimes perpetrated by armed gangs, and revive the national economy; to negotiate with the UN on the modalities for implementing resolution 2699, in order to guarantee throughout the country security conditions conducive to the resumption of socio-economic activities, and the organization of inclusive and credible elections".

According to Baptiste, the United Front is a strategic tool put in place by political parties and socio-economic organizations to address the new dynamic created by "Dr. Ariel Henry's manifest desire to continue to unchecked hold the positions of Head of State, President of the Republic and Prime Minister, after more than two years of illegitimate, incompetent and unpopular exceptional rule, and his refusal to negotiate in good faith a consensual way out of the crisis". 

According to statements by Baptiste, the United Front also wants to "provide the Haitian population with guarantees on the mechanisms for filling the vacancy following the end of the Prime Minister's term of office on February 7, 2024, in accordance with the provisions of article 20 of the December 21, 2022 agreement, published in the Republic's official gazette, Le Moniteur".


Translated by CHIP editors


Posted Oct. 28, 2023