Nicaragua Solidarity Coalition: Condemnation of the “Multinational Security Support mission” to Haiti

By Nicaragua Solidarity Coalition, Oct. 2023

The Nicaragua Solidarity Coalition strongly condemns the sending of the “Multinational Security Support mission” to Haiti, against the will of Haitians who have warned against another disastrous armed foreign intervention and occupation.

The process to devise a new mission, using the pretext of gang violence and insecurity, has been led by the United States which once again utilizes the UN system for its own narrow objectives. The fact that the current de facto government of Haiti holds a seat in the UN and could request such foreign military intervention demonstrates that “the UN as it exists today is useless, inoperative, dysfunctional, and an instrument of empire,” as stated in 2011 by the late Nicaraguan Foreign Minister, Father Miguel d’Escoto. 

This sentiment was recently echoed in the message from Nicaragua’s President Ortega and Vice-President Murillo to the General Assembly, stating that “these very United Nations’ …  nature has been distorted, changing it, unfortunately, into a body servile to and dependent on the powers that be.” Indeed, the treatment of Haiti at the UN reveals the triumph of imperialist interests and colonialist, racist attitudes over the needs of the world’s peoples.

Haitian sovereignty has been denied over and over again by France, the United States, Canada and their allies, as in the case of the 2004 coup d’etat which overthrew President Aristide and the MINUSTAH occupation of 2004-2017. The United Nations must pay restitution to the Haitian people for the harms of past interventions, including the 2010 cholera outbreak.

We stand with the Haitian people in rejecting foreign intervention and with our sister organizations throughout the Americas in the Zone of Peace Campaign that justly demand an end to foreign interference in Haiti.

We stand in solidarity with and admiration of our Haitian brothers and sisters, that great nation that accomplished the world’s first and only successful slave rebellion. We are confident that Haiti will be able to resume the path to development and prosperity if the yoke of imperialist intervention is removed and her people are allowed to determine their own future. To this end we will continue to advocate for the reinvention of the United Nations into an organization that respects the sovereignty, independence, and integrity of all states.


Sovereignty for Haiti! Haiti for Haitians! Let Haiti live!


Posted Oct. 21, 2023