No more violence against revolutionaries in Haiti! (fundraiser)

By Danny Shaw, Gofundme, Dec. 17, 2021


Key social leaders & their families have been burned out of their homes in Tibwa & Granravin. Paramilitarized gangs have shot at them & chased them out. I will repost the people-to-people solidarity fundraiser to help them find shelter.

They are among tens of thousands of Haitians sleeping in basketball courts, stadiums & on the street. Monday a gas truck exploded in front of Lafoset, the South Bronx of Cap Haiti, Haiti's second largest city. Dozens are dead. Gasoline currently costs $11 to $20 U.S. dollars.

Many families have no access to water to drink or bathe. The state does nothing to help these families out. It is clear to the Haitian revolutionary leadership & the solidarity movement that only a different type of state & society, free of neocolonialism, can defend the interests of the Haitian people.

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Posted Dec. 20, 2021