Public Letter to the Canadian Government: “Stop Subsidizing Genocide”

By Just Peace Advocates & the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute (CFPI), June 4, 2024

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“Not one cent of Canadian tax-dollars should be funding genocide”

Today a public letter was released challenging Canada’s most significant contribution to Palestinian dispossession. “Stop Subsidizing Genocide” is signed by Gabor Mate, Yann Martel, Linda McQuaig, Roger Waters, Monia Mazigh, Desmond Cole, Libby Davies, Michael Lynk, Richard Falk, Alex Neve, Sarah Jama and others.

The letter points out that “200+ registered Canadian charities funnel a quarter billion dollars a year to projects in Israel. Many of these groups finance projects that support the Israeli military, racist organizations and West Bank settlements in contravention of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) rules.”

Since 2007 the HESEG Foundation alone has raised nearly $200 million to assist non-Israelis who join that country’s military even though CRA rules state clearly that “supporting the armed forces of another country is not” charitable activity.

Recently a detailed complaint was also submitted to the CRA asking it to investigate the United Israel Appeal of Canada. It documents UIA financing groups assisting the Israeli military and illegal settlements, as well as the opaque finances of an organization that has raised over $1.5 billion since 1991.

The “Stop Subsidizing Genocide” letter amplifies NDP revenue critic Niki Ashton recent statement that “not one cent of Canadian tax-dollars should be funding genocide.” Ashton has criticized Israel-focused charities on a number of occasions recently.

In a similar vein US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently endorsed a bill called “Not on our dime!: Ending New York funding of Israeli settler violence Act”, which would revoke the charitable status of groups assisting the Israeli military and illegal settlements in the West Bank.

In the UK, the International Centre for Justice for Palestinians has recently submitted a case to the charity commission in regard to Toremet, a registered charity, on the basis of supporting Israeli charities blocking and destroying humanitarian aid to Gaza.


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Posted June 9, 2024