SOIL 2021 earthquake response

By SOIL, November 9, 2021

We are proud of the way in which SOIL was able to quickly respond to the devastating earthquake in southern Haiti in August. With the help of a courageous team of Haitian volunteers, community leaders and generous supporters like you, SOIL was able to channel 100% of the $95,000 raised for direct relief to support the victims of the earthquake. With these donations we not only provided immediate emergency supplies, but were able to work in partnership with the local community authorities in the communes affected by the earthquake to empower local decision makers in helping their communities.

At the request of, and in collaboration with local authorities, the SOIL volunteers were able to identify over 100 vulnerable households that were badly damaged by the earthquake to purchase construction materials for rebuilding these homes. We are proud that our strong community networks allowed us to channel the generous donations of the SOIL network to overlooked rural areas in partnership with Haitian community leaders - helping to support families on the road to recovery.

We've put together a short video of SOIL's emergency response and we hope you take a moment to check it out! We simply could not have done this without your support and we are deeply grateful for your solidarity.


Posted November 9, 2021