Two films on Haitian workers in Dominican Republic: 'Price of Sugar' and 'Black Sugar'

Price of Sugar The sugar plantation family of the Dominican Republic depicted in the documentary film 'Price of Sugar' has long fought to censor the film and block its distribution. 'The Price of Sugar' is now available online on You Tube. The 90-minute film is narrated by the late Paul Newman and tells the story of the conditions of super-exploitation of Haitian farmworkers on the sugar plantations of the Dominican Republic:

Black Sugar (Sucre noir) This 60-minute feature documentary film was produced by the Natioinal Film Board of Canada in 1988. It looks at the shocking living and working conditions of Haitian agricultural laborers in the Dominican Republic in the period after the overthrow of the Duvalier dynasty. At that time, some 20 000 workers crossed the border to cut sugar cane, lured by promises of good money. Instead, they toiled up to 14 hours per day and lived in unhealthy, cramped camps without running water, electricity, medical or educational facilities.
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