Video: Population of Jalousie says "No" to house demolitions, to Martelly/Lamothe government

Video by Frantz Etienne; posted on You Tube July 12, 2012, 7 minutes

On July 12, the population of Jalousie (neighbourhood in Port au Prince) held a demonstration of hundreds of residents saying "no" to the government of Martelly/Lamothe and its plans to demolish their homes. This seven-minute video by Haitian filmmaker by Frantz Etienne portrays this event.
Demonstrators said they are fed up with the Martelly government and they want it gone. They say it is doing nothing to help the poor. It is only looking after the rich. Towards the end of the demonstration, a young participant was arrested by the police. The demonstration was able to win his immediate release.
In the video, a militant of the MOLEGHAF organization (Movement for the Freedom and Equality of Haitians in Solidarity) explains to the camera the purpose of the demonstration.